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About Me

Hi! I’m Jenny

Wedding & Event Planner

So Much to Think About. So Little Time. That’s Where I come In.

Jenny grew up in the gardens of her Family’s events business and knew she wanted to be a part of this amusing event world since very young. Once she was done with high school Jenny went of her degree in Hotel Business Management, a few years later,almost at the end of her college years she won a scholarship in Paris to learn French Cuisine from the professionals at the Group Accor, once finished she embarked to the US for her Master in Service Leadership in the University of Rochester and ended up her professional training going to Panama for a Hotel leadership management degree in Panama University City of Knowledge.

But most of all Jenny is a dominican entrepreneur, a joyful person, eager to serve and put together unforgettable weddings for her clients.

If you are dreaming of a sunny, summer wedding in any tie of the year we can help you make that dream come true!

We are passionated, original, creative and unique. Our mission is to find the perfect wedding made just for you, put ourself in your shoes and make your dream day come true!, we will be there every step of the way, through this amazing journey, having fun and giving you all the support you need. Starting with your budget, venue, local experience and saying good bye to you in tears.

We have 19 years of experience organizing events specially weddings in our country. From tropical wedding in stunning green venues to beach weddings in our romantic caribbean beaches.

I Work With You To Bring Your Big Day Vision to Life, Stress Free.

Everything is about you, definitely IS YOUR DAY in this special event, so why not celebrate it and give yourself permission to create together and bring to life the ideas that come from your heart, maybe since you were little you have being thinking about your wedding, or maybe just know you realized you want this moment to be a memorable one, that thought that will last until the end of your days as a memory hard to forget.

Every step of the way It will be a pleasure to be at your side, as a friend, as a partner, as your advisor , as your confident.

So relax and enjoy the journey, leave to me the hard work and negotiation as a professional.

Planning & Budgeting
Figuring out your wedding budget could be a challenge, your wedding will likely be the biggest party you ́ve ever hosted and the priciest, thats
why we will help you set a realistic wedding budget. For example: Creating your budget, tracking your spending and finding out ways to save.
Venue & Decor
It will be so easy to choose the Venue staying true to yourself, aligning your vision, considering your experiences and guests, and remembering
your budget and what the venue included. And when it comes to planning and unforgettable wedding, it’s all in the details, decoration have a main importance, should have your signature, your style, should be unique, just like you! We will find together the best venue and decor for your big day.
Wedding day assistance
Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of your life, but it can also be stressful. You want everyone to have a good time and you want
things to run smoothly. Orchestrating the details to make that happen can be challenging. That’s where we come in. Focusing on wedding day
assistance, creating a schedule, checking the timeline of the wedding, a list of everyone involved, services that has being hired, making sure everything goes smoothly.

Happy Clients

«Hello I am Karen Saladin I had my wedding in Praedium on 19-01-19, it was a long planned wedding and I could not have chosen a better place, everything was PERFECT, my experience with Jeny was the best of all, she was with me at all times, she kept me updated throughout the process, created spaces for me, I never had a «can not» from her, it was always «Of course we can do it» or «We can create it» my wedding was much detail and she knew how to copy my idea and make every detail shine, the Praedium team was an important part of everything, I thank everyone who participated so that this day was special and magical, I received attention and precise words at the right time, my family was very pleased with everything, the truth is that I take my hat off to Jeny because she fulfilled and fulfilled all my expectations, on my behalf, my husband and my family I want to THANK YOU for all your effort. «.  ~ Karen + Samuel

«I couldn’t ask for a better company. Jenny is just amazing. She just when above and beyond about everything detail. She pay attention to everything we wanted and more. We just love her! Our wedding was amazing. My family and co-workers could believe how incredible everything us.»~ Penelope + Moises

«We are very pleased by the closeness, the treatment and the follow-up that you gave us throughout the process of our wedding, what we can highlight the most is the dedication and professionalism that you gave us at such an important moment in our lives, and the most beautiful sample of it is that you gave us OUR «DREAM WEDDING»  ~ Brigida + William

«Being a recent destination bride, I would highly recommend having a wedding planner. I spoke to six different wedding planners before I picked Jenny. She was professional, quick to communicate, organized, and always available when needed. I was able to co-create my dream wedding with Jenny and she helped me organize all my thoughts and ideas into reality. I am so glad I picked her and didn’t settle for anything less. As a destination bride you need to have someone to oversee and handle the in and outs of your wedding. Jenny is like your second hands when you are unable to be there in person. She really went over and beyond when asked anything of her. She definitely does not run on “island time”. She was one of the best investments we decided for our big day! She was a pleasure to work with and even our friends/family loved her. Save yourself the stress and get Jenny on your team, you won’t regret it!.» ~ Lissette + Angel

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!