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Dear Bride or Groom,

Definitely when thinking about getting married in a beautiful beach most of the time we think about the Caribbean. But why should we choose Dominican Republic?
Well is true that we have beautiful beaches at Punta Cana, La Romana, Samana, Puerto Plata, to mention a few ones, but also we have amasing gardens when thinking about venues, and extraordinaries elopements, very rich culture and a lot of history too, begining with the First Cathedral of the New World.
For example the mood at Punta Cana is very hot and you can enjoy a sunny day, but at Los Haitises Park you could experience a tropical forrest and you could have a very rich Ecotourism experience.
At the City for example their is a lot of things to do and to get to know, Colonial Zone with all it´s history to tell us, Mercado Modelo where you can find artesanian and art.
The village where you can learn how is the life of the people, their way of living very different from town people, and just hours away.
My recomendation is to enjoy the most you can, and get to know the country you are visiting in all the wonderfull ways that country can offered you. Getting to know the culture, way of living, things that only you will find in that place, that way your wedding will be a memorable one, hard to forget!!

Cheers to you!!